About the Huggs

Welcome to the Huggs All Around info page–we’d love to tell you a bit more about ourselves!! We’re a “normal” family–on the go! 🙂 Matt and Jess are 30-something parents to Ava (10) Wyatt (10) Isabelle (8) and Layla (5) and we live in a small, sweet town in no-coast Midwest.  Through a variety of factors, we’ve found ourselves traveling with our children more and more each year and we LOVE it! From seeing history come to life in Boston, eating authentic dumplings in NYC’s Chinatown, touring gator swamps in Florida, enjoying fresh seafood and boogy-boarding on the Gulf Coast…we thrive on the new experiences and the authentic learning that happens when we get out of our normal routine and GO!  Matt is blessed with a flexible job that allows him to work wherever he has a cell phone connection, and is also often required to travel to some pretty cool places for work and lets the crew tag along. Thanks Daddy! 🙂 Jess homeschools our 4 precious/crazy kiddos, also allowing for a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling travel and learning on the road (her opinion is that’s the best type of learning–see and do versus read about, right?!).  Over the past years we’ve documented itty bits of our travels on social media but didn’t want to overwhelm our friends and family with travel posts.  This blog is a place for us to open that door WIDE and share more stories, photos, tips, reviews, and videos of our trips.  Whether you’re an old friend, a distant relative, a fellow traveler-with-kiddos, or a new virtual acquaintance, we’re glad you’ve stumbled upon our site and hope you find a laugh, a moment of “wow,” some good advice, and hopefully lots of inspiration to follow your own itchy feet to destinations near and far that are calling to you.  Our tagline/motto/inspiration/hope is “It’s Good to Go!” and we hope you catch a bit of our joy in finding the adventures that are all around you.  We’d love it if you’d follow us on our social media pages and check back here often to see what we’re up to- near and far.  And if you have any questions/comments/ideas or you need a little family travel inspiration, we’d love to hear from you!! Blessings to your wandering family from ours!

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